Landon has been addicted to fly fishing since 2013 when he first fished in Rocky Mountain National Park. Since then he has fished all over the USA and internationally. After graduating college he has managed fly shops, worked as a guide and hosted adventure trips. His favorite pastimes are asking Zach about tenkara fishing, outfishing Ian when we trout fish, and reminding Cliff about that one deer in San Antonio.


 Zach has been an avid fly fisher for the last few years learning exclusively how to catch dinks. He once said “Everyone needs to be a pro at catching small forgettable fish to appreciate the average ones.” He has been known to get purple sunburns and consistently trout sets on saltwater fish. He owns a tenkara rod he has used twice and that is enough time for his friends to consider him an expert of the discipline. He also likes a nice glass of bourbon and tying flies only a mother could love.



Cliff Cowart Is a small-town Georgia Boy that grew up on the Georgia – Alabama line. He has been fly fishing since 2015 cutting his teeth on the small streams of North GA and the North Atlanta sections of the Chattahoochee River. In 2016 he relocated to San Antonio and made South Texas Home. Cliff is very passionate about the outdoors and the use of public lands and Conservation. As an avid hunter and fisher he travels all across the state and south east in search of opportunity. His slow molasses like speaking style will have you wanting to listen.



Native-born Texan with a passion for the outdoors that almost borders an irrational fixation hindered only by the necessity to show some semblance of maturity in my attempt to be a contributing member of society. My four daughters certainly prefer the latter, though they genuinely appreciate my efforts in showing them the majesty of nature and what our beautiful outdoors has to offer in this life.

Besides spending time with my girls, work, and chasing wild game, I spend a large percentage of my time every week editing this podcast. I find it to be a daunting yet rewarding task. As the only Aggie, and inherently intelligent member of the group, I find joy in correcting all of the audible blunders, mishaps, mistakes, and incorrect information put out by these guys. I feel that it is my duty as an Aggie to make sure that our audience gets a quality show every week. I do not take my job lightly! Trust me, it’s a lot of work repairing the damage that comes from Texas Tech graduates and a guy from Georgia. I know that with my audio editing skills and the passion this group has for fly fishing and hunting, we will do our best to bring you great content, from amazing guests to funny stories. Thank you for joining us on this journey! Tight lines and full freezers! Gig’Em! 



Ian started fly fishing in 2014 when he realized he was terrible at rock climbing. He enjoys both fresh and saltwater and has been fortunate to fish the South and Western US,  Belize, and Christmas Island. Ian also enjoys hunting but considers himself a novice, which is much appreciated by the wildlife. He is looking for a publisher for his new book,  “Trout Fishing for Bass – a Guide to Bad Technique.” 



Carson has been an outdoorsman all his life. Growing up mainly hunting, he has found a new hobby in fly fishing. Carson has taken trips to Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. He is always ready for that next big adventure. Currently, he is in Lubbock, Texas at Texas Tech University studying business management. Wreck’em